Top 5 tips to write a great Abandoned Cart Email


You may have heard about Abandoned Cart, but now we will talk about something more specific. This will help you use abandoned cart and take your customer back to their shopping journey.

That is Abandoned Cart Email. The majority of e-commerce shoppers abandon their cart before checking out. They leave those things behind for many sorts of reasons. But with Abandoned Cart Email, you can bring them back and encourage them to complete their purchases.

What is Abandoned Cart Email?

Abandoned Cart Email usually comes in stages. The first is usually a gentle reminder to complete the purchase. The 2nd can provide a deadline, e.g. “Your order is expiring soon!”. And the 3rd often includes a coupon or a discount to bring the customer back. Small retailers often create and send these emails manually. But if it’s too time-consuming for your business, don’t worry, you can automate the process.

To write an effective Abandoned Cart Email, you need 2 main pieces of information:

  • Why do customers start buying?
  • Why did they leave?

If you know the answers to these questions and can address them via your email, you’re already halfway there. Some common reasons for abandonment can include high shipping costs, having to sign up for an account, or concerns about website security.

But if you don’t have an answer, start gathering feedback to determine exactly why your customers are at your site and why they’re leaving. You can then resolve the issue with an email offering a discount code, offering to assist them with payment, or emphasizing your safety.

Tips write an effective Abandoned Cart Email

Your clever and lively words can get attention, but that’s not all unless you make it easy for them to buy the product they want. That’s why it’s so important to communicate as clearly as possible. So, based on our experience as a dropshipping agent, we would like to suggest the below:

Tip #1: Get to know your customer well

Who are your customers and what relationship do they have with your business? What kind of relationship do they want? Will they respond positively to jokes, or do they just need you to get straight to the point? Make sure you know the answers to these questions before you write an email. Better yet, write one email for each of your audience segments.

Tip #2: List out items in your customers’ Abandoned Cart

By the time you send the email, your recipients may have already forgotten what they’re going to buy. They may even forget that they were thinking about buying anything from your website. That’s why it’s so important to remind them of the products they’ve chosen.

Tip #3: Think of interesting email titles

The subject is one of the first things your recipient will see. So, how does the email subject get their attention?

  • Keep it short and emotional, keep it to 50 characters or less.
  • Use the customer’s name
  • Don’t spam: Read each subject line first. If you feel there is anything like clickbait from your mail, delete it immediately. When in doubt, keep things clean and simple. That means not using more than 1 exclamation point or too many bold letters.
  • Use numbers: This will instantly make your emails more specific. For example “Hey Britney, 03 items in your cart are waiting for you, check it out!”

Tip #4: Choose suitable timing for Abandoned Cart Email

In general, the sooner the better. According to surveys, an email sent immediately after the cart is canceled can generate more revenue than the same email sent 24 hours later. So, let try to send your first email within 1 to 2 hours after the customer leaves your site.

However, your Abandoned Cart Email campaign is more than just an email. As great advice is that you should include a series of three Abandoned Cart emails to get effective results:

Email #1: This email can be a friendly reminder. Use a subject line like “We still have items in stock for you” or “Some items are still in your cart.”

Email #2: This announcement will create a sense of urgency. Let your customers know that a sale may expire or that a product they choose may be out of stock. Try a headline like “Product [item name] only 10 lefts, so hurry up” or “Your exclusive sale expires in 7 hours.”

Email #3: Give customers a reward to return, like a gift voucher, coupon, or promo code for free shipping. In this email, you can use a more direct subject line like: “We want you back!” or something lighter. The third email is your last chance to grab your customer’s attention, so put your best effort into it.

Tip #5: End the email with a Call to Action

You can’t expect your audience to know what to do unless you tell them clearly. So be sure to include a link to the checkout page with clear instructions. You should even consider including a Call to Action at the top and bottom of the email.


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