10 powerful tips to encourage impulse buying

Sometimes people don’t intend to buy from you initially. But when they see a very cute night lamp for example in an ad, they immediately fall in love and want to have it right away.

4 Best Ways to Get Customer Testimonials

If you search for researches, dropshipping blogs, dropshipping agent posts on customer testimonials and reviews, you’ll find pages and pages of data confirming their worth.

7 Great Tips Start an Online Niche Store

It will be much easier to upsell your customer when running a niche store than a general store! Most people who visit your store will like many of your products because it falls in their interest.

Social Media Style Guide: What You Should Know

And eventually, it’ll develop into a useful tool to add to your visual identity and brand, as well as the secret to maintaining consistency so that your audience remains interested in and devoted to your brand.

How To Launch A Live Shopping Event

Live shopping videos require more than just lighting, camera, and activity to succeed. Yes, it would help if you had the appropriate tools (such as a smartphone, tripod, and superb lighting) and shopping sources.
But it also necessitates taking the right actions to ensure the event’s success.