How To Find The Best Dropshipping Suppliers In 2021


Selecting the best dropshipping supplier can be quite tricky and confusing at first glance. Even if you know what products you want to sell, you always want to ensure you choose a supplier that fits your business model and needs.

Every dropshipping business needs a supplier. Suppliers sustain all dropshipping enterprises by providing the product and shipping it out to the customers. That’s why it’s essential to find the best supplier to accommodate you.

5 Best Dropshipping Suppliers In 2021

1. Oberlo

Oberlo is a dropshipping automation tool that gives a wide array of products to sell online.

You have access to the extensive database of products on AliExpress, which have excellent profit potential. From electronics to beauty, Oberlo makes it easy to find the products you want and instantly add them to your dropshipping store.

Oberlo offers limited options when it comes to shipping methods. The fulfillment service providers behinds it, are AliExpress sellers and they usually ship with ePacket and AliExpress Standard Shipping, which takes 20-30 days to deliver.

2. Dropified

Dropified is a popular Shopify app that automates stocking your store and shipping your products with AliExpress.

This supplier is different because they have no marketplace, but a browser plugin that lets you pull from Alibaba, AliExpress and eBay. In addition, you can set parameters and margins for changing the price points in your store.

There’s a 14-day free trial; after that, it’s $47 per month for the Builder plan or $39 per month on the annual plan. The Premier plan, which costs $127 per month or $97 per month with annual billing, recently added a profit dashboard, Zapier integration, and an unlimited high-speed captcha solver.

3. Modalyst

Modalyst is another supplier that seamlessly automates your dropshipping process.

Connecting you with suppliers to get the products you need is one thing, but they also boast a wide selection of clothing, jewelry, accessories, etc.

It is unique in the sense that it is centralized. Everything can be found on a single dashboard or their app, making communication a lot simpler.

Now Modalyst receives its highest praise for its integration with Wix. Simply install their app and immediately start selling to customers.

4. Spocket Co

Spocket gives you access to an extraordinary database app of dropshipping items. You’re able to sort by country and add the products to your Shopify store.

Being able to sort by country makes it easy to find items that will ship in your country and have shorter ship times.

The Basic plan (25 products with unlimited orders) is free, and upgrading to Pro is $49 per month for 250 products and branded invoicing. The Empire plan unlocks unlimited products for $99 per month. The app has 4.5 out of 5 stars in the Shopify app store.

5. Yun Dropshipping

Yun Dropshipping is your one-stop-shop. They act as your supplier, fulfillment handler, and assistant—all with a system that integrates seamlessly, allowing you to increase efficiency.

HyperSKU boasts fast shipping times (7-15 days) and excellent customer service all around. In addition, they have access to high-quality products directly from manufacturers for you to choose from and quick order fulfillment.

They also offer the convenience of finding the products and selecting them for you, giving you the ability to automate even your product selection and focus on other aspects of your dropshipping business.

Finding Dropshipping Suppliers

The only way you’ll be able to find the right supplier is by research. One thing to keep in mind is that always test the supplier before letting them taking care of your whole business.

1. System

One immediate indication of a possible supplier is their system. Is it outdated? A suppliers system says a lot about them. If it is difficult to navigate and understand, then they may not be the one for you.

Look for suppliers who make it as straightforward as possible because you don’t want it to be a hassle to run your business at the end of the day.

2. Shipping

To maintain customer satisfaction, having appropriate shipping times is necessary.

If one supplier has long ship times for a particular country, but another has short times, then it’d be best that you use the one with faster times.

3. Catalogs

A supplier’s selection of products is critical to your decision. Having a wide array allows you to be flexible and adjust to any changes in the market as time moves on.

You don’t want to have a limited number of options because if those products see a dip in popularity, then your business will suffer as well.

You also want to be able to sample their product. Get a look at how they handle customer service, packaging, ship times, etc. This way, you can tell whether or not they are the right fit for your dropshipping business.

4. Reshipment and Refunds

The most significant part of your dropshipping business is customer service. Refunds and returns are bound to happen.

Customer service is where the right supplier is crucial. If they have a great refund/reshipment process, then it’s an indication that they care about their and your customers. The customers are the ones who make your business run, so without them, it would be pointless.

Once again, this something you also want to test for yourself. So order something from the supplier and see how the whole process works from the customers’ point of view.

After that, make your assessment of the supplier and decide whether they would be a good fit as your dropshipping supplier.

Tips For Choosing Your Dropshipping Supplier

Now when trying to find a dropshipping supplier, there are many red flags that you want to avoid at all costs. Besides bad reviews and negative feedback, there are other, less obvious ways to tell if a dropshipping supplier is terrible.

1. Monthly Fees

Having a supplier ask for monthly fees immediately lets you know that they are most likely not a single supplier and are probably a part of a directory.

2. Sample Order

Take the time to assess a supplier properly. One way to do this is to get a sample order. It gives you an idea of your customers’ experience.

From the shipping time, the packaging, and the quality of the products, a sample order gives you a complete look into what your customers will be experiencing every time they order.

So if you want your customers to have a particular experience, it may take some time to find the right supplier just for that.

3. Terms And Conditions

Now the “Terms and Conditions” are usually ignored in most interactions we have on the internet. Still, when it comes to a business agreement, it is information you need to acknowledge.

Inspect every aspect of their “Terms and Conditions” and make sure that you are okay with everything stipulated, and if you aren’t, then the supplier would not be suitable for you.

Summary: Finding Dropshipping Suppliers

Having high-quality suppliers are integral to the dropshipping world. You rely on them to provide the product, and they rely on you to bring in customers, so it’s essential to find the perfect fit for your dropshipping business.

Hopefully, the tips and platforms we’ve mentioned above will help you find suppliers who will make it easy to run an eCommerce business. Contact Yun Dropshipping today to enjoy hassle-free dropshipping.


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