How Do I Customize and Brand a Dropshipping Store?


With the world of eCommerce set to soar to $563,388 million by 2025, it’s not surprising that many of us are hoping to hit some dizzy heights with dropshipping, Shopify, or other eCommerce stores.

In order to beat the competition and set your store apart from others, you might be wondering how to not only brand your store but customize it.

Giving your dropshipping store packaging customization alongside a memorable brand could see you set for a 6-figure income.

Let’s find out how to give your store the unique qualities which will keep your customers coming back for more.

How do I customize and brand a dropshipping store? Get in touch with reliable dropshipping agents who will be able to brand your store and offer customization. Build your brand by offering customized products, thank-you cards, unique shipping packaging, along with product packaging and inserts.

So with the brief answer covered, let’s delve a little deeper and start by discovering why you should brand your store, then look into how important it is to customize your customer experience.

Why should I brand my dropshipping store?

Giving your dropshipping customers a unique experience is an important way to make sure they return to your store. There are many ways to brand and customize your store both offline with bespoke packaging and online with a standard out website.

With a new online retail explosion happening due to many factors, not least of all, the recent global pandemic, it’s more important than ever to make sure your dropshipping, eCommerce, or Shopify store has something different to offer your customers.

A brand isn’t just to be considered as an ‘add-on’ it should be carefully considered and budgeted for.

  • Memorable: If done correctly branding can define your store in a sea of competition and help it to become memorable.
  • More sales: by connecting to your customer’s ethos, beliefs, and lifestyle you can increase customers purchases
  • Loyal following: With so many other dropshipping looking to compete for customers, brand building can help to set your store high on the priority list of your existing customers
  • Brand differentiation: By offering your customers a customized unique, powerful and compelling brand your dropshipping store will stand out in a crowd of other eCommerce offerings.

“If done correctly branding can define your store in a sea of

competition and help it to become memorable.”

So now we’ve seen some of the crucial reasons why you should brand your dropshipping store, what about customization? Is it worth dropshipping with custom packaging, for example?

Read on to find out how customization can ensure more sales and a loyal customer base.

Why should I customize my dropshipping store?

Finding the best package customization for dropshipping could be the difference between the success or failure of your dropshipping enterprise.

With figures estimated for global dropshipping to reach USD 557.9 billion by 2025, it’s easy to see that your brand needs a competitive edge.

“The best package customization for dropshipping could be the difference

between the success or failure of your dropshipping enterprise.”

But what exactly is it? Read on to find out.

How to customize dropshipping store

So now we can see how important it is to get your branding right and also offer your customers a unique experience.

Custom packaging can give them an instant connection to your store and helps them to build up a picture as to how you fit with their lifestyle.

Adding thoughtful extras like thank you cards and other inserts will help to build a relationship with customers. Both returning and existing customers or anyone buying from your dropshipping, Shopify or eCommerce store.

It completes your brand story and customization helps your customer to understand you want to go an extra mile in providing them with a unique product and service.

“Adding thoughtful extras like thank you cards and other

inserts will help to build a relationship with customers”

Custom packaging

Custom packaging is boxing that is specifically tailored to your company and the product your company is making and shipping

Packaging can be customized for both shipping and the final packaging of your product.

It can include:

  • Printing logos on the boxes of both shipping and internal packages
  • Customer thank-you cards
  • Any other kind of packaging inserts

So let’s move on to branding and why every drop shipper should make sure they keep ahead of the competition with a unique story, product, and packaging.

Branding your dropshipping store

Before you even choose a winning product to sell, the most important thing to do is make sure you have a great business name and logo.

A stand out business name and logo

With so much competition from other dropshippers, it’s crucial to have a memorable, unique, and attractive business name and logo.

Even if you feel like that’s a creative idea you might struggle with, there’s loads of online help including free logo name generators and templates such as Canva and Fiverr where you can engage professionals for a fairly low outlay.

A great website

With so many templates available for building websites, it’s not only web developers who are now able to turn out a professional-looking site.

Shopify gives its store owners a wealth of attractive templates to choose from and customize.

Having a great-looking website will help to give potential customers an awesome first impression.

Along with additional factors such as great customer service, quality, and of course price, a winning website will give your dropshipping store a competitive edge.

Customer communication

If you don’t spend the time advertising your brand with email, and social media campaigns you could get left behind in the race for your next customer.

Investing in ads and other forms of social media advertising strategies will ensure your winning products are right in front of your potential customers.

The pros and cons of branding dropshipping store

Ok so we’ve seen a number of reasons how and why to brand and customize your dropshipping store, but as with everything, there are always pros and cons. Some of the important pros are listed below.

Pros of dropshipping branding

  • Higher margins
  • Create a loyal customer base
  • Ensure returning customers
  • Have a unique offering to set you aside from competitors

But what about any downsides?

Cons of branding dropshipping stores

Although we know it’s a great strategy for building a client base and getting ahead of the game, it does require upfront costs to customize your brand.

Obviously using free resources such as web templates etc can help to keep those costs to a minimum.

Products that have bespoke packaging do come at a price, but like every kind of business, you have to weigh up the returns of your investment.

Building it into your budget plan is also a way of managing costs. So it could be you put money aside over a period of weeks or months to account for the extra costs.

More dropshipping help…

So we hope you’ve got everything you need now to take your dropshipping store to new heights with a unique brand!

Here at Yun Dropshipping we can help with turning your dropshipping store into one where customers will return time after time.

We can assist with making the leap from drop shipper to brand owner, with our package and insert customization.


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