10 powerful tips to encourage impulse buying


Have you ever heard of impulse buying? I’m sure anyone as a shopper will know what impulse buying is. For entrepreneurs, understanding impulse buying and encouraging impulse buying is even more important. As impulse buying is a very powerful way to generate sales. Sometimes people don’t intend to buy from you initially. But when they see a very cute night lamp for example in an ad, they immediately fall in love and want to have it right away.

So, how to make that happen? Let’s find out in this article!

10 Tips to encourage impulse buying

1. Suggest impulse buying triggering products right before checkout

The tip here is to catch your customer’s eyes before they check out. Suggest them something that is interesting or appealing enough to make them buy right away. Those products should not be too expensive. As when they see the price, they may just withdraw. So, you can prepare a list of impulse buying triggering products of yourself, and place it near the check-out process. Make them look at and buy something wonderful before they leave. As the purpose is to entice them to buy as much as possible. And that’s the way you use impulse buying to boost more and more sales.

2. Show impulse buying triggering products beside your best seller

Another way to encourage impulse buying is to place your impulse products right beside your best sellers or your high-demand products. That is again, to make your customers look at your products and get hooked in immediately. People can just see the ad or want to see the best seller in your store, then they can be caught by another cute product that they cannot resist.

3. Use a sense of urgency

Once you display your impulse products to your customers, remember to create a sense of urgency as well. Because the key to impulse buying is not to let your customers have a second thought. It may take them one more day to think and they may change their mind. Whenever and whatever you can push them to make a quick decision, you do so. You can add more phrases like “Buy now”, “In low stock”, etc. That will make people think they’re going to miss a great deal or those are selling well and they may not get them if not hurry.

4. Understand what your customers need

You need to know what are the best impulse products to sell to your customers. If they are pet lovers, they may not resist a cute dog jacket. If they are parents, they will be immediately attracted by a cute toy for their children. So, before showing and suggesting to your customers what to buy, you need to understand what they like and what they need.

5. Draw attention to impulse buys

Aside from placing products in the appropriate areas of your store or dropshipping agent, you can use three main strategies to attract shoppers’ attention:

  • Signage: Use signage on and around impulse displays to attract customers’ attention, and, as previously discussed, use language that creates a sense of urgency.
  • Lighting: Colored lighting, spotlighting, or any other lighting that distinguishes the display from the rest of your store is a good option.
  • Color: Bright, bold colors, such as red for sale or promotional items, can draw customers’ attention and help create the feeling you want to go along with your impulse purchases.

6 . Select products that require little thought

While it may appear obvious that high-priced products do not encourage impulsivity, there is more to choosing the right impulse buying than just price. A high price can cause shoppers to hesitate before purchasing, but so can having too many options. So, when it comes to product selection, be deliberate. Curate a few carefully chosen items to populate your display so customers don’t have to spend too much time deciding between different color or size variations.

7. Provide product samples or demonstrations

Not every retail store can provide samples or demos of their products, but those that can go a long way toward persuading customers to buy something they hadn’t planned on. You can increase impulse buying by giving shoppers a small taste (actual or metaphorical) of products.

8. Display seasonal items

Choosing to display seasonal items also makes it simple to change up your point-of-purchase displays on a regular basis, which is critical for attracting impulse purchases from repeat customers who have seen your displays before.

9. Train salespeople to encourage impulse purchases

Getting customers to buy on the spur of the moment isn’t just about the products and where they’re displayed. One of the most underutilized tools you have for encouraging impulse buying is your store employees. Teach your employees how to make complementary product suggestions on the floor and how to draw shopper attention to point-of-purchase displays. At the end of the day, genuine conversations and recommendations are the most effective ways to entice customers to buy on the spur of the moment.

10. Make use of conditional promotions

Conditional promotions are designed to increase sales without reducing revenues or basket values. They also encourage customers to browse your store and look at more products rather than just the ones on sale.

Increase sales with impulse buying

As you can see, as a retailer, taking advantage of impulse sales is critical. The more customers enjoy their shopping experience in your store, the more likely they are to impulse buying . A well-decorated, pleasant, and ambient store, as well as engaging surroundings and background music, can keep customers coming back and buying more with less effort.
To begin, try out a few of the suggestions above. The right strategy can transform your store, not just by increasing sales, but also by creating innovative and exciting experiences that customers will remember.


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