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According to statistics, video content accounts for 15% of all content on the Facebook platform, while this proportion was only 5.47% in 2014. At the same time, in 2020, about 71% of Facebook accounts with more than 100,000 fans posted Video content, we can see the obvious development trend of video marketing.

Today we will talk about the techniques for creating Facebook video ads to help sellers quickly increase sales.

1. Write a lore title

A good headline not only can be recommended by the platform to increase the promotion rate, but also plays a key role in the opening rate of the video, so the Facebook video ad headline should be eye-catching enough.

2. Scripting

A good script is indispensable for the production of a high-traffic product video. The script is mainly about the copywriting, scene design and arrangement of scene layout for video shooting. Therefore, before the Facebook video is shot, the script must be reviewed multiple times to ensure that it is interesting, resonant, or novel.

3. To improve the attractiveness of advertising silent play

When creating Facebook video ads, you need to pay special attention to users who watch the video without sound. When opening a video ad, the default is silent mode. In this situation, our best solution is to use subtitles, creative visual elements, etc. to grab users and ensure that they can express their original intentions in a silent state. The displayed content conveys product or brand content and quickly attracts users to continue watching.

4. Pay attention to mobile devices, make sure your video format is correct

Studies have shown that compared to holding a mobile phone horizontally, users around the world spend 94% of their time holding a mobile phone vertically, and viewing it in portrait mode is gaining momentum. Therefore, it is best to make both horizontal and vertical videos when making Facebook videos to meet the habits of different users.

5. Attract the audience’s attention at the beginning

In order to allow Facebook users to scroll infinitely and perform other operations on your homepage in the future, the first step is to let customers stop scrolling. Therefore, the 4-6 seconds at the beginning of the video is very important to be eye-catching and interesting enough to allow users to stop and watch. In addition, the important information and advertisements of the video must be pre-positioned to achieve the goal quickly, so as not to stop watching the user feel that it is worthless.

6. Video ads duration control

Video ads must grab the audience’s attention as quickly as possible. Short videos are more effective than long videos. The best video time is generally 15-30 seconds. If the video is creative and interesting enough, it can be extended to about 2 minutes.

In addition, how to let the target group quickly understand the content that Facebook video ads want to express in the shortest time, and can continue to capture the attention of the target group is the key to the effectiveness of Facebook video ads. Therefore, the duration of video advertising is inseparable from the limited duration of quickly grabbing the attention of the target population.

7. Use high-contrast colors

When important content is involved in Facebook video ads, high-contrast color techniques can be used to make it easier to attract people’s attention and keep users on the current page.

8. Use emoji

Emoji is a super-easy way to attract attention and attract attention. We can add Emoji to any suitable places such as the title, text description, and video ad banner of Facebook video to enhance the eye-catching degree of the Facebook video ad.

9. Try more, test more

Adhering to the spirit of “trying more and summarizing diligently”, Facebook advertisers are advised to pass more tests to understand how to design video ideas for user behavior. If you have enough time and creativity, it is recommended to shoot more videos to test which type of video users are most enthusiastic about. The deeper the understanding of the audience, the better we can create wonderful advertising video ideas.

10. Add a closing text slogan

Make sure that the video ends at a climax and motivate people to take the next step. For example: visit our Facebook homepage to learn more, buy now, etc. These closing words can help guide our users from the video to the next step of the promotion. If you want to use video to show brand personality, you can keep the ending text of the video consistent with the brand value, philosophy, and positioning.

And to finish on…

Facebook video advertising can be said to be the most intuitive and effective advertising method. Not only can it help sellers show their brand personality, but it can also establish emotional connections with the audience, and it can also attract the attention of Facebook users, so Facebook video ads should be used well.


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