Ways To Get Great Product Images When Dropshipping?


I can remember the day as if it was yesterday. That moment that you get fantastic product images for your dropshipping store. It feels so good not just to have boring pictures from your supplier! Also, it sells a lot better!

Most dropshipping stores use product images that everyone is using. The best way to beat your competition is to have unique pictures. Think about editing the background of your supplier images and asking influencers or your customers to make unique product images for you!

Here are some tips to get product images

Use the product images from your dropshipping supplier.

It’s really simple to start a dropshipping store. Your supplier has the products, the images, and sometimes even has the descriptions for you that help sell the product. But, unfortunately, your competitors will have the same images as well.

Although, when you’re just starting, it’s fantastic to have images from your supplier because it’s the easiest way to get product images for dropshipping!

Just make sure that the images you’re going to use look good. Even more important is that your images look better and different than the images of your competitors. This way, you will have more chance of beating your dropshipping competition!

Edit the background from the product image

Most images from suppliers only feature the product with a white or boring background. Most Dropshipping stores will blindly copy this and will begin advertising. This is your opportunity to make your dropshipping store stand out from the crowd.

A way you can do this is to remove the background of the image and add a better background.

Here are some sites you can use to get great pictures for your background:


Burst from Shopify



What if the logo from your supplier is on the product image?

If you want to take the product images from your supplier, it might happen that your supplier watermarked these images.

There are two ways you can handle this.

One copies the image and removes the watermark yourself with a tool like Photoshop. Note that while it’s really easy, it might get you in trouble if the image is copyrighted!

The second one is to ask the supplier for images without a logo or watermark. You’re also sure that you got permission to use the photos on your dropshipping store.

Besides that, it might be illegal; it also looks unprofessional if you see something like store234343 in the right corner. Or that it shows a logo on your product image, but that logo isn’t yours.

Be careful with product images where faces are shown. It’s not always sure that these people are permitted to be displayed in these pictures. The same goes for just copying photos from your supplier; make sure you’re allowed to do that! Better safe than sorry later!

Ask your supplier for unique product images.

You could always ask this from your supplier, but I prefer doing it when I start getting sales for that supplier so that supplier knows he doesn’t want to lose me as a valued customer!

So what should you ask?

Well, simply ask them to take pictures of the product. Not these standard images, but with good background and so on.

Do you know what’s even better?

If you have contact with a supplier who wants to do this for you, you could always ask later if he also wants to make a video of the product for you.

Which you then can use for your advertisements!

Just don’t expect every supplier will do this for you; it takes time for them to do. But like I said above, if you can prove that you’re bringing in a lot of sales, suppliers would love to keep you happy by accepting your request.

This gives them a higher chance that you will stay a customer to them.

Use to take pictures for you.

This option is great to get awesome product images for your dropshipping store.

It’s really simple

The only difference now is that you will ask the Instagram Influencer to take a picture with your product that they can then later post on their Instagram page.

Don’t forget to ask them if it’s okay to reuse the picture in your store (or your Social Media channels). This way, you have a great Instagram shoutout and a unique product image/Social Media post!

The best thing to remember is that some Instagram Influencers only want free stuff. That means sometimes you don’t even have to pay for a shoutout. Just let them keep the product.

You could always send more than one of the products so that they can do a giveaway for their followers. This might get you even more engagement! Maybe your Influencer will type something like: “Like & Tag your friend below to have a chance to win!”

Use pictures from your first customers

Using pictures from your customers is a great way to establish a connection with these customers and create trust with new potential customers. Just like I said above about Influencers taking pictures with your product.

A way to do this is to give your first customers a huge discount or free. Just let them know that they need to send a picture with them and the product if they love it!

The customer can easily abuse in this way. They might take the discount or free product and not give anything, like a picture! So an easy way to fix that is to give a big discount or free product after submitting a picture.

Order a sample product and take the pictures yourself

I suggest you use the option only when you know the product is selling. Before that, I don’t mean you order the product already because you might not be able to sell it for a profit!

This option takes a bit more skills in photography. If you know the product is bringing in sales and think it’s a possible winning product; you should order a sample product.

This way, you can create these stunning product images for yourself!

A great bonus is that you can even make your videos for the advertisement for that product! Now you can be as creative as you want to get new people to buy your product(s).


So there you have it, every possible way to get fantastic product images for dropshipping! This way, you can bring your dropshipping store to the next level.

Many people are dropshipping or are on their way to starting a dropshipping store. A great way to stand out from the crowd is to have unique product images.

I hope my tips will help you to get these awesome product images!

So, are you ready to get started with dropshipping? Or maybe you have already started, but you’re looking to get some inspiration?

Just don’t forget that success takes time. Keep improving every day!


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