How to promote your shop on YouTube?


YouTube has more than 3 billion searches every month and has a high traffic volume. It is one of the preferred platforms for many merchants to market their stores. So is there any strategy for YouTube marketing to learn from?

Optimize YouTube SEO and increase free traffic

Generally speaking, all search engines hope that their users can easily find the most needed information because this can increase the use time of the entire platform and enhance user stickiness, so it will also give more traffic to such content. .

Pay attention to data feedback

After a period of external publishing, the data will be generated in the YouTube Studio background. Observing these data trends can analyze the true preferences of the audience. For example, at the peak, the average line means that the audience is very interested in it, and the cliff means that it will not be too cold.

YouTube channel trailer

The channel teaser video played at the most conspicuous top position of the YouTube channel, and present the most representative information of the brand store to the audience.

It is recommended that this short film should be concise, highlight the value point, try to keep it within two minutes, ensure that the audience can continue to watch it within 3 seconds, and add LOGO or short-chain URLs of store to increase the exposure of brand store.

Excellent eye-catching custom thumbnails

YouTube videos are generally presented with static thumbnails. If you want the viewers to be clear at a glance, they need to customize the thumbnails if they are willing to click. Such as bold visual effects, accurate and clear text, textured pictures, a unified style in a series, etc., can effectively increase the click rate.

Create a video playlist of the same theme series

Putting similar themed videos in the same list has three functions: let interested viewers watch more videos one by one; sort and organize, help viewers find the most needed videos based on the topic; can improve your search results Ranking. In short, the longer the cumulative viewing time, the more YouTube will be promoted in search results.

Free promotional interactive cards

Adding interactive cards is a very distinctive way of publicity for YouTube, which can play the role of CalltoAction and guide consumers to click on relevant content.


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