12 Awesome Safest Product Examples For Dropshipping


Are you searching for the safest dropshipping products to spend less time on customer service?

Great job on finding this article!

Here, I will go over a few reasons why some dropshipping products aren’t safe to sell in the online store and tell you what kind of products you should sell to avoid as many customer issues as possible.

So, if customer service is at the bottom of your list of the most fun things to do while dropshipping, these products are for you!

That’s because, in this list, I will give you 12 safe dropshipping product examples that you could sell online yourself.

But, before we start, let’s first answer the question: “What makes a product safe for dropshipping?”

What makes a product safe for dropshipping?

When searching for the safest products for dropshipping, it’s easier to look at what criteria a product shouldn’t have rather than looking at what a product should have.

Here is what the safest products for dropshipping should not be:

Easily broken


Compatible with a specific product or only fit a particular person (clothing)


Any product that isn’t one of these is a safe dropshipping product!

To explain this in more detail, I will shortly discuss and give you a product example of each of these elements:

  1. Not easily broken

If you’re looking to sell safe dropshipping products, use your common sense and think about whether or not a product can break easily.

Examples of products that can break easily are electronics or fragile products.

The safest products for dropshipping are fool-proof. This means that everyone should be able to use them without breaking them.

  1. It can’t harm anyone

It would be best if you tried to avoid products that can harm someone in any way.

For example:

Small products that babies can accidentally swallow

Consumables that give harmful side effects

Cosmetics that cause allergic reactions or skin irritations

Sharp products that can hurt someone

As a drop shipper, you are liable for the products you sell.

So, it’s best to avoid these products and dropship safer products instead. In the worst-case scenario, you can even get sued after something terrible happens with a product you’ve sold.

  1. Works with everything and fits everyone

If you aren’t looking forward to dealing with customer service emails and refund requests, you should try to find a product that works with everything and fits everyone.

This prevents customers from ordering products in the wrong variant or size.

Try to avoid products such as clothing where the customer has to pick the correct size or wireless chargers, as some people may order them while their phone doesn’t support wireless charging.

As I said, some people may not know that their phone does not support wireless charging, which may cause you to get extra returns.

12 safest products for dropshipping

Great, you now know what a safe dropshipping product does not look like.

But what does a safe product look like then?

Well, to answer that question, I am now going to give you a list of 12 safe dropshipping product examples that you could sell online yourself!

Let’s get started with the list of the safest products for dropshipping!

  1. Plush toy

Plush toys may be the safest products for dropshipping!

They don’t break easily; they can’t harm anyone since they are so soft and suitable for both the young and the old.

The only thing you should try to avoid is selling counterfeit or copyrighted plush toys. The great thing about plush toys is that they are available for many niches.

  1. Dog foot wash cups

One of the biggest things that sell a product is its ability to solve a problem.

Well, this product does exactly that.

Dog owners will recognize the problem of their dog making the house filthy with its dirty feet.

This cleaning cup is designed to efficiently clean your dog’s feet after a walk. That way, you will save time by not cleaning the house that often anymore!

And another important thing about this product is that it’s safe. With its soft brushes, it won’t harm you or your dog in any way.

  1. (Leg) pillows

Next up, we have another problem-solving product for you.

With this leg pillow, your customer will wake up refreshed every day as this leg pillow helps them relieve their lower back or hip pain.

Being made from memory cotton, this pillow is very soft, which means it won’t damage anyone and fits in this list of safe dropshipping products.

Don’t forget that besides leg pillows, regular pillows are also one of the safest products for dropshipping. So, if you can find an awesome pillow that solves a problem or has a “Wow” factor, you can sell that as well!

  1. Wallflower vase

When people are looking to put some decorations on their walls, paintings are probably the first thing they will think about.

That’s why this product might be great to sell. It will probably make people think: “Wow, I’ve never seen that before!”.

It has a great profit margin and is one of the safest dropshipping products. I mean, what could go wrong with a small piece of silicone?

You can stick it onto any smooth service and put natural or artificial flowers into it. Furthermore, it works without glue or nails, so you can always relocate it and place it somewhere else.

  1. Bathroom fruit mats

Doesn’t this look awesome? Instead of a dull, standard, and grey bathroom mat, everyone has, why not bring some tropical vibes into your bathroom and get a fruit mat?

Due to its supersoft materials, it feels incredible on your feet. And maybe, more importantly, it will also be a safe dropshipping product thanks to the anti-slip mat underneath.

Since it’s odorless and wear-resistant, you can even use it in your bedroom or living room!

  1. White tile marker pens

People with older bathrooms will know that the pure-white grout between the bathroom tiles quickly disappears and become darker over time.

As a dropshipping business, you can offer a solution for that problem by selling this white tile marker pen! With this product, people will quickly make their grout white again and improve the look of their bathrooms!

Outside of this, the pen can also be used for any other place that needs a touchup, for example, on your car tires.

Since this white tile marker pen costs just around $3, including shipping, you will have great profit margins, especially if people have a large bathroom and buy more than one pen!

  1. Bamboo dish racks

Bamboo products are becoming more and more popular each day. This is because sustainability and climate change are becoming more and more important, and people are looking for solutions to limit the amount of plastic they use.

With this foldable bamboo dish rack, you can offer people an environmentally friendly solution to let their dishes, bowls, and cups dry after washing!

Last but not least, since bamboo is strong and a dish rack won’t hurt anyone, this product is very safe to dropship.

  1. Sushi making kits

With this product, you can target the real sushi-lovers and tell them that they can now make sushi at home themselves easily!

The components in this sushi-making kit are BPA-free, dishwasher safe, and made from food-grade materials. Hence, it’s a safe dropshipping product to sell online.

The sushi-making kit makes it more straightforward to create and cut sushi yourself. With all the components, you will make sushi in many different forms, like round-, triangle-, or heart-shaped sushi!

  1. Pet beds

With pet beds, your pets will get their cozy little place at home.

You can sell pet beds for specific dogs, like this funny hot dog bed above, but you can also sell pet beds for dogs of all sizes (which may be safer) or for other animals like cats.

Just like pillows, pet beds are soft and squishy, meaning they won’t damage anyone and won’t break easily!

I have to mention that you should keep the size of the product in mind. Some pet beds or pillows are so large that shipping companies will have difficulties shipping them or will ask for an extraordinary shipping rate.

  1. Key shaped pocket tools

This product is shaped and looks identical to a regular key. However, it’s a tool with 24 functions!

You can attach it to your keychain just like any other key and use it as a tool for many different purposes. It can use for measurements, like a screwdriver, a bottle opener, and much more.

Since it builds from high-quality stainless steel, it will be durable and won’t break easily, making it a very safe dropshipping product.

  1. Multi-hang clothes hangers

This product will be great for people who have issues with a lack of space in their closets.

With this multi-hang clothes hanger, you will be able to hang your clothes not only horizontally but on vertical levels as well. This can help increase your closet’s storage space by up to 400%!

Furthermore, it makes from durable plastics, so it will be sturdy and safe to use for your customers. Finally, this product is great because people will probably buy multiple of them, increasing your average order value and thus your profit!

  1. Animal wall decoration

You will sell these animal wall decoration pieces by targeting parents.

Parents with animal-loving children would love to purchase a little elephant, polar bear, or deer as gifts for their children!

They can be mounted to the wall using a simple nail and look great in children’s rooms.


That was it! Those were the 12 safest products for dropshipping.

With these products, you will minimize the chances of getting issues like:

Products breaking during transport

Products harming users

Products not fitting users or their other products

Being sued or getting problems with other companies

All of the products on this list were selected with the above criteria in mind and the things that make a winning product, like a “Wow” factor and the ability to solve a problem.

Good luck with finding a safe dropshipping product and the rest of your dropshipping journey!


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