Your Shipping Policy Should Have Those 5 Things!


In dropshipping, you will not handle shipping directly, though you will need to find ways to manage the process and make sure your customers have a good experience with your store. And one way to do that is to have a clear shipping policy.

A well-written shipping policy will play an important role in solving disputes for conflicts as well as developing relationships with your customers. Even when your delivery time will be long, even when something just happens, your customers know exactly what they should expect. And above all, they expect a professional manner from you. So, today, we will have a look at the main 5 things that you should include when you write your shipping policy. Let’s dive in!

5 things you should include in your shipping policy

The first thing you should keep in mind is that a clear shipping policy is not all that you need, though it’s very important. You will need to improve your shipping process as well if needed. You can work with your supplier or your dropshipping agent to discuss shipping time, shipping options so that you will get the best service for your customers. You will never expect delayed delivery or broken packages that will need returns or refunds.

But of course, when it comes to shipping policy, you should include the below information:

1. Delivery time

Delivery time is one main concern of your customers when they order something from you. Normally, they would want to get the products as soon as possible. Their purchase decision even depends on delivery time sometimes. So, it’s a must to include your shipping time in your shipping policy. This is to manage your customers’ expectations over when they will receive the package.

If your shipping normally takes one month, it’s always better to tell your customers in advance. Otherwise, they will get mad waiting for so long but have no idea about that.

2. Shipping fee

This is another huge concern of your customers. Beside shipping time, shipping cost decides if they would buy the products or not. Of course, people would always prefer free shipping. But if you cannot offer them that, you should state it clearly in your shipping policy. In doing so, they will know exactly how much they will pay for shipping. They will not get so disappointed after seeing your shipping cost during the checkout process.

You can put in many shipping options for your customers at different prices. This clear information will help them understand that better shipping will cost more. If they want fast shipping or insurance, they can choose the more expensive options.

3. Shipping methods

You should state clearly your shipping options or methods in your shipping policy as well. Do you offer domestic, local or international shipping? Or do you just ship to some countries? Or do you offer only local delivery? And so many more. Make sure you make it clear to your customers what you can offer and how you will process shipping for them.

4. Returns or refunds

This is also very important because you never know when something happens. If your package is lost or broken when it’s arrived, you know what you will do and how you will solve it. Your customers will trust you more as they know that they can return or get refunds if there are any issues.

When it comes to refunds or returns, you should be clear and straightforward. You should let your customers know when they can send requests to you, and how you will solve the issues.

5. Other important notice

When something happens during a particular time, you should inform your customers as well. For example, when holiday sales are coming or during the Covid-19 period, shipping may be affected. Or your customers should expect longer delays during the lockdown, for example. If there is any other important information like that, you should let your customers know in advance. All these things are to set their expectation over your shipping as well as to showcase your professionalism.


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