The best 5 SEO apps in shopify


Which Shopify SEO apps are the best?

Finding the best SEO app for Shopify can be tricky. Installing and uninstalling these different applications is not a quick task, especially when you don’t know what to look for. This is the purpose of my writing this article

SEO has always been a hot topic at Shopify. Although in recent years, Shopify has become better and better, and now has released many applications to help deal with this kind of things. Developers are a huge enabler of shopify’s build.

Google SEO has recently gained a lot of attention. Because advertisements such as Facebook advertisements are not a reliable source of traffic to the website. SEO is like spending money on free traffic to build long-term conversions. There is no doubt that organic traffic is the most valuable source of customers for a website.

The tried and tested Shopify SEO app:

Rich Snippets for SEO

Rich Snippets created by Orbis Labs provides a great option for Shopify store owners to add rich code snippets on their pages. This helps to improve search results in search engines by adding content such as recipes, instructions, and comments. It can also add Json data so that when someone searches for the company name, the company information will be displayed on Google.

Pricing-a one-time fee of $69

Sitemap & NoIndex Manager

Again, this is another application created by Orbis Labs. It is one of my favorite SEO applications and helps Shopify store owners notify search engines of the content they want to index and follow. You can do this with the click of a button, such as removing pages from the sitemap, adding noIndex or noFollow tags to pages/marking pages/collections, or even marking specific URLs or pagination pages.

Pricing-4.99 USD/month

Link Whisper

This app is very easy to use. I first discovered that it was in WordPress, but recently discovered that they also developed it for Shopify.

It works by scanning all pages and blog posts, and then providing you with suggestions for adding internal and external links. Internal linking is a very good SEO practice, because when you create the “web” of the Internet, Google’s crawlers love it. In addition, it also increases the user experience by preventing users from encountering dead links on the page.

Unfortunately, this app is not yet suitable for page builders. But I have talked to the developers, and they hope to solve this problem. Many Shopify stores use the creation page to create blog posts, because Shopify blog creation is not very common.


SEO Blog Optimizer

SEO Blog Optimizer is a niche app that can help you with grammar and SEO in your blog posts. It is very similar to what Yoast does, but unfortunately Yoast is not available for Shopify, only WordPress.

Basically, the app will make sure you check the list of suggestions search engines look for when ranking blog posts. Unfortunately, it also does not apply to page builders, but it does apply to native Shopify blog creation.

Pricing-Free plan, premium plan for $4.99 per month

SEO Booster

SEO Booster is more like a beginner to SEO application. Therefore, if you are not familiar with SEO rules and want an all-in-one basic SEO application, then this application is your best choice. It basically has the following functions:

  • Broken link checker
  • Google integration
  • Alex Page Rank Checker
  • Duplicate content checker
  • Sitemap submitter

Price-Free plan is available, premium plan is only $29.99 per month

Highly recommended SEO external app

Shopify’s app store has not yet expanded enough, and there are not many SEO options to choose from. For some functions, it is better to use an external app. They don’t need to be installed on the store’s backend code, so it won’t slow down the store like many Shopify apps.

There are some very mature online SEO applications that are more effective than most suggestion applications. Here are some of the features I have used over the years, and I highly recommend these features:

  • Broken link check
  • Keyword suggestion and analysis
  • Backlink check
  • Page speed
  • On-site audit
  • Web browser
  • And more


SEMRush is one of the leading SEO online applications in the industry. It specifically ensures that the website runs flawlessly and there are no link problems.


The functions of Ahrefs and SEMRush are very similar. In my opinion, I do prefer Ahrefs, but it depends on your experience. Ahrefs is loved by all SEO communities. Their platform is very intuitive and easy to use.

And to finish on…

These are Shopify’s best SEO applications. My goal is to provide a variety of different SEO applications covering different areas. Overall, I think you can use most of these Shopify SEO apps right away as needed. Unless you are a real beginner, it is best to start with SEO Booster from Shopify and Ahrefs to understand how SEO works.


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