12 tips to improve the conversion rate of the store


The conversion rate can be said to be a serious concern for every independent site seller, so to improve the conversion rate, the design of the website is absolutely paramount.

How should the website be designed? The following are some of the tips that Yundropshipping has put together for you.

1. Real-time data display

You can set how many people are currently browsing and buying this product on the webpage to stimulate the herd mentality of consumers and accelerate their orders.

2. Customer recommendation

According to Nielsen market research, 92% of people will trust the recommendation of their peers, and 70% will even trust the recommendation of strangers. It’s like we can often see some users on shopping sharing platforms saying, “You have few followers, you don’t look like an advertisement, I’d like to believe you!” And so on and so forth, so it is necessary to add some real reviews from customers on the webpage.

3. Celebrity endorsement

It is possible to find well-known netizens or celebrity stars in the industry to endorse the brand, which is also convenient to build consumers’ trust in the brand.

4. Customer repurchase rate display

It is also a great way to show the high repurchase rate of regular customers on your website, and you can collect their opinions and suggestions in the form of questionnaires. At the same time, it also plays a role in reminding them to buy again, after which these results can be made to show the data, so that new customers still in the wait and see better trust in the brand.

5. Web production recommended purchase category

You can set it on the page where the customer pays: People who like this product also bought it. This is also a good trick, again, to exploit the herd mentality of the customer and thus motivate them to buy more of the product.

6. Use of well-known media mentions

This is also a good way to build customer trust. If your product is mentioned by well-known media, like magazines, TV stations, current reviews, etc., you can take some pictures from it and put them on your website for customers to browse.

7. Case study

This is mainly to improve the authority of the brand and help to strengthen customers’ confidence in the brand and the product. You can show a video of a product evaluation or expert analysis of the product on the webpage, which is applicable to the categories of innovative design, tools, electronic products and other functional categories.

8. Customer base

If you have a product that serves or works with some well-known customers, try asking them if you can display the logo on your website. This is to gain the trust of potential customers through their existing customer base, so that they feel that your brand is still very trustworthy, even the big companies have chosen you, what reason do they have not to consider it!

9. Add security markings to the payment page

Nowadays, internet fraud is getting more and more sophisticated, and people are more and more aware of prevention. It is recommended to add some security logos on the payment page of your website to give customers more peace of mind. According to a test conducted by Blue Fountain Media, websites that added security logos to their payment pages had a 42% higher order conversion rate than before, which shows that security logos are still very useful.

10. Certification and badges

If your brand is qualified with specific industry certifications, it is recommended to display them on your website as well. It has been reported before that the conversion rate of websites with added certifications increased by almost 30%.

11. Social media certification

Now is the era of universal use of social media, you can collect some product reviews posted by customers on social media in the detail page, this kind of is also very convincing.

12. Brand story

This tip also helps people to show their customers the corporate culture of their brand. According to psychologist Christopher Charis’ research, stories and examples are more trustworthy than data, and people tend to associate themselves into the stories. Showing products and brands in the form of stories is easier to remember.


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