7 Powerful Tips to Optimize Instagram Marketing


Today, the presence of social networks is extremely necessary for businesses to promote and compete. Among them, Instagram is used by many people, and it effectively supports marketing strategies.

So what exactly is Instagram Marketing? How to implement this strategy effectively? You will find the answer in this post. Let’s go!

What is Instagram Marketing?

For companies, Instagram Marketing has become very popular. Do you understand what Instagram Marketing is? This is like a form of advertising on Instagram. It helps customers increase brand awareness, promote interaction, and increase traffic. Basically, advertising on Instagram is the same as other advertising on social networking sites today. About advertising goals on Instagram can be mentioned such as:

  • Level of brand awareness
  • Number of customers approaching
  • Traffic to Instagram, calculated by clicks on the application or Website
  • Number of clicks to install the application
  • The number of interactions on Instagram, for the interaction on the post
  • Video views
  • Number of people converting, for website or app conversions
  • Search for potential customers.

In particular, when implementing Instagram Marketing, individuals and businesses need to remember a few things as follows:

  • The photo or video will appear in the middle of a regular content stream on the target user’s Newsfeed on Instagram.
  • There are advertising types such as Instagram Image Ads, Instagram Carousel Ads, Instagram Stories Ads. These ads can be created in landscape or square format.
  • All ads will have a Call to Action button and link.
  • The caption on the ad also appears below the ad content and includes up to 300 characters. The URL should not be used in the ad text, because the user cannot click on the link, the user looks very confused.

Define specific goals when building an Instagram Marketing strategy

After understanding what Instagram Marketing is, it is advisable to clearly define specific goals when building a promotion strategy. If not publishing a photo that enhances your product’s presence, then consider the following:

  • First, does Instagram allow advertisers to do ads on other platforms?
  • Who is the target audience of the person who wants to advertise?
  • What is the difference between how will Instagram integrate with social networks and the social media strategy of the advertiser?

In fact, Instagram often focuses on sharing information through the eyes, providing a unique platform to introduce businesses and products, customers will quickly grasp the engraving opportunities, creating similar opportunities. work with brands. Very quick, comfortable approach. Depending on the industry and brand, users can build an appropriate marketing strategy. You can aim for a number of goals such as:

  • Increase people’s awareness of the brand.
  • Prove the culture of the company and the business.
  • Introduce the team and recruit new talents.
  • Increase customer commitment and loyalty.
  • Introduction of product lines and services.
  • Add more about the event experience.
  • Encourage the connection between the brand and the user
  • Share news about the company

The secret to the most effective Instagram Marketing

After determining the goals of Instagram Marketing, individuals and businesses need to know the strategy to develop. Some strategies not to be missed are as follows:

Theme your Instagram Marketing strategy

First, the user needs to create a theme for the strategy. Posts every day, every week, every month need specific content. If it is to promote a business, the article needs to be related to products or business information.

Attractive content

The common way to create engaging content is to create stories throughout the posts to attract users. With businesses, writing products, you should not be too focused and constrained with having to offer.

Using Filters for images

The images posted should also be good photos, attracting the viewer’s eyes so that they linger longer, increasing the amount of interaction. Use filters with a variety of effects, freely for you to create satisfactory photos. You can also use professional photo editing software to perfect your photos.

Insert hashtags, emoji, captions into posts

It is recommended to attach a prominent hashtag containing the brand name of the business to the articles, with emoji… That can also create a new trend for people, promote the brand more strongly online.

Cooperate with Influencers or KOLs

It is possible to combine with famous Influencers or KOLs to promote because they have a great influence in the field in which the business is doing business. Just their little presence makes the business more attractive.

Increase followers from competitors

It is possible to track both personal, business, and competitor accounts for a detailed comparison. If a business or individual implements a promotional strategy, building a bond between you and your customer’s conversion rates are also high.

Organize a photo contest on Instagram

Encourage creating photo contests on Instagram to attract more participants. Individuals or businesses can create photo contests on Instagram, comment, and include hashtags of products, personal or business brands to increase traffic and attract more followers.

Instagram marketing is used commonly among brands, dropshippers, and dropshipping agents as well. This should be an important part of your marketing strategy. So, we hope that the above information has helped readers understand Instagram Marketing and how it works most effectively. And good luck with your dropshipping!


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