12 tips on Shopify to save customers from discarding their shopping carts


The abandonment rate of e-shopping websites is often as high as 69.57%.

Shopping cart abandonment is a problem frequently encountered by online business owners and merchants, and it occurs for more than one reason.

Whatever the reasons, abandoning the shopping cart is a waste of potential income. Based on a 69.57% abandonment rate, 70 out of 100 shoppers have lost customers, which is a terrible loss rate.

Why do users abandon the purchase?

To answer this question, we should stand from the perspective of a shopper.

When you have items in your shopping cart, why do you leave a grocery store, restaurant, retail store, or shopping store? What prevents you from continuing to pay at the cashier?

Like others, the reasons may be varied, but some of them are caused by our stores, which is a factor that we can improve.

Here are the top 10 reasons why users abandon orders

  • Personal factors, such as receiving an important phone call or being busy with other important things, may cause the user to temporarily abandon payment.
  • What happens suddenly will divert the user’s attention away from the checkout.
  • The user is only researching what is added to the shopping cart and has no intention of buying it.
  • Customers may find that they have no money at checkout.
  • When users think that the product is not what they need to buy, they may stop paying.
  • Long queue time will cause users to leave the store.
  • Failure to provide the other party’s preferred payment method and users believe that the website lacks security may cancel the transaction.
  • The website settlement process is not smooth, such as an error in payment or unexpected fees for users.
  • A complicated checkout process may cause users to leave the site.
  • Failure to use promotions or discount coupons may cause users to suspend payment.

In Shopify stores, there are many reasons why people can’t check out and abandon their shopping carts. But most of the reasons are inconvenience, whether it comes from the shoppers themselves or the store.

12 tips to reduce the abandonment rate

Users like to make the shopping process as simple, fast and convenient as possible. They want the shopping to be completed as soon as possible and without hindrance.

Therefore, it is no wonder that 18% of people abandon the purchase because the checkout process is too complicated.

Therefore, the key to reducing the abandonment rate is to make things simple-to reduce the number of steps for customers as much as possible.

  • Optimize the checkout process, content and design of the website to allow shoppers to check out smoothly, thereby optimizing the conversion rate of the website.
  • Make sure to provide a seamless and enjoyable UX or user experience for your Shopify e-commerce website.
  • Make the site load faster, especially during shopping and checkout.
  • Reduce the site’s checkout form fields. Everyone hates filling in lengthy forms.
  • Allow visitors to checkout because many people are tired of the registration process.
  • Don’t add too many buttons on the checkout page to distract shoppers and allow shoppers to focus on the payment process.
  • Optimize the checkout process-zero errors must be achieved.
  • Add as many payment methods as possible, especially the most commonly used payment methods by users.
  • Add a badge showing payment security. In addition, displaying product reviews, ratings, certifications, and approvals on product pages are all ways to gain the trust of users.
  • Use the cost calculator to avoid unexpected costs when calculating product pricing, and try to set free shipping for all products.
  • Provide promotions and other benefits. For example, set a pop-up window when the user exits, and recapture the user who is about to give up.
  • Your Shopify website, shopping process, and checkout settings are all based on the principle of serving customers.

Listed here are not all the reasons for abandonment. There are some more specific reasons, but these reasons cover most of the reasons for abandonment.

Similarly, the main reason for users to abandon purchases is inconvenience. If the process is complicated and troublesome, whether it is from shoppers or stores, the probability of abandoning purchases will greatly increase. Eventually, business owners will lose most of their potential income.

The unfortunate fact is that although you can take some mitigation measures to reduce the abandonment rate, no one can reduce the abandonment rate to zero.

So is there a way to save shoppers who have left the site?

Here are 3 effective ways to restore abandoned shopping carts

Email marketing will help you recall lost users

Although this is one of the most effective methods, it requires operations staff to spend a lot of time designing, composing emails, perfecting the sales funnel, and completing all the work required for email marketing.

In addition, although there are Shopify apps for email marketing, most of them require payment and still require a lot of preparation to use. Even if you are using a drag-and-drop email application, you still have to understand some technical knowledge of email marketing to get started.

Use push notifications to remind people to come back to shop

Yes, push notification is one of the effective ways to recall customers, but if you push too much information, it will weaken the recall effect of the push. If the push messages are too frequent, the user will choose to ignore it at first, and when the other party loses patience, they will turn off the push message of your website.

SMS push is a refreshing way to recall the shopping cart

Use an application like Winback. This application converts abandoned orders into sales by sending text messages.

If you look at your phone, most of your information no longer comes from text messages, and receiving text messages can sometimes be refreshing. In addition, we usually associate important messages with text messages-it is an indispensable communication channel, such as bills, public government announcements, and some content that we must read for payment security.

If you interact with abandoners via text messages, text messages will be easier to read than email and will not be considered harassment like push notifications.

Winback guarantees that you can earn as much as 35 to 100 dollars for every dollar you spend. I highly recommend this Shopify marketing emergency app to recall the shopping cart.


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