8 Best Trending Dropshipping Niches Ideas in 2022


2022 is just half of months away. And it’s time to start preparing some good dropshipping niches ideas in 2022 for your store. There might be some new trending products. But there are still some ever-green niches that are always in high demand. So, let’s explore the list below and see what will be the profitable niches to dropship next year!

1. Eco-friendly items

The interest in this niche has been increasing dramatically in recent years. Environment awareness seems to play an important role in shopping trends as well. It changes people’s behavior and demand for some products. People now look for more eco-friendly products and promote green lifestyles more than ever before.

More and more brands commit to environmental protection and sustainability as well. They have many social activities as well as promotion campaigns that deliver the same message about protecting the energy source and the environment we are all living in.

So, to blend in with this trend, we would advise you can consider this niche in the next year. If you are also deeply interested in energy or environmental issues, eco-friendly products are definitely for you.

2. Pet accessories

Pets products are one of the best dropshipping niches ideas in 2022. As pets are an evergreen niche that is highly profitable. It’s getting more and more popular. Now, pets become an indispensable part of people’s lives. Pets lovers all everywhere. And they always want to make their pets happy and comfy. Cat beds, dog jackets, pet toys, are all good products to sell. People would be willing to spend money on their pets if they see the products are beneficial and cute. You can also have tons of ideas to market your products. And there’s a great chance for you to boost sales by impulse buying.

3. Kitchen products

The pandemic has a longer effect on our lives than we ever expect. People have to stay home and cook their own meals. If before Covid-19, they rarely decor their kitchen or buy kitchen accessories, then things have changed completely now. Spending on kitchen has been increasing sharply. And that does not seem to stop at least for another year. In fact, kitchen accessories are one of the best dropshipping niches in 2022.

4. Fitness

A healthy lifestyle is promoted by people everywhere. People now care more about their health and fitness. They want to be more fit. They want to release their stress. Whatever the reason is, Google Trends shows a strong increase in its interest recently. And this is where you should jump in and make money.

Fitness products are good dropshipping niches ideas in 2022 for your business. There are many products for you to choose from. They can be yoga accessories, exercise equipment, sports clothes, and so on.

5. Health and beauty

Apart from fitness, health and beauty products have also increased in demand in the past few years. They quickly become one of the best trending dropshipping niches ideas in 2022. With the growth of technology, there are more interesting beauty products as well. Some good products for dropshipping are facial steamers, jade rollers, hot-air brushes, makeup products, etc.

If you are a beginner, it’s not recommended to sell beauty products that are applied directly to people’s skin. As you don’t know what exactly in those products. Unless you are confident with your dropshipping agent or supplier choices. But in general, some products such as makeup sponges, eyebrows, jade rollers, and so on are still very profitable to dropship.

6. Home decor products

Just like kitchen accessories, home decor items are becoming more popular. You can begin dropshipping simple products like doormats, hanging flower pots or cushions, etc. Those are very affordable but definitely selling well in this niche. Together with kitchen accessories, home decor products also becomes trending dropshipping niches ideas in 2022.

7. Garden products

The busy lifestyle and the pandemic create more stress in people’s lives. Normally, they would travel, go hiking, and do other outdoor activities. But during this time, they have to resort to indoor activities. And gardening is one of them. The idea of coming back to nature is surely a good one. That’s why gardening products are increasing aggressively in recent years. And garden products are one of the most trending dropshipping niches ideas in 2022. Some good products that can be named are potato growing bags, gardening tool kits, self-watering bulb devices.

8. Bathroom accessories

The last dropshipping niches ideas in 2022 today are bathroom accessories. People now care more about how to make their homes more convenient and practical. And home would include the bathroom. Some best-selling bathroom accessories are toothbrush holders, soap dispensers, soap plates, etc.


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