7 Amazing Tips to Create Unique Dropshipping Store


Are you wondering how to be unique from all the other dropshipping stores? Well, I will give seven tips on creating a unique dropshipping store that will help you beat your competition.

Why create a unique dropshipping store?

Before we start learning how to create a unique dropshipping store, it’s important to know why you should make one in the first place and not just copy everything you see.

One thing to note here, I’m not saying you shouldn’t look at other dropshipping stores or ecommerce stores at all, but take inspiration from them, like what are they doing good or what can you improve. Don’t copy everything! There are so many people learning about dropshipping and starting dropshipping stores right now.

For example, type in Google Trends “Dropshipping.”

Do you see how popular dropshipping is?

Everyone wants a piece of it because so many of these “gurus” advertised it as an easy way to earn money online. But do you know what the sad thing is?

Most of them don’t put any effort into their dropshipping store. They open their store, import some products without changing anything, and start advertising.

This means that many dropshipping people are selling the same products with the same information they got from maybe even the same dropshipping suppliers.

Of course, having the same product is not bad because it’s almost impossible to sell something that nobody else is selling. Although dealing with what everyone else is selling has its downsides as well. But having the same images, descriptions, and so on will not help you in the long term!

7 Tips to Create a Unique Dropshipping Store

Do you understand now why having a unique dropshipping store is so important?

If so, then that’s awesome!

I’ll start by giving you my biggest tip:

Don’t copy everything to save time

Yes, this might seem obvious, but you don’t know how many dropshipping stores there look the same.

Same theme, same images from their supplier, same product description, etc.!

Look, if you want to build something for the long-term, then the chances are that you won’t get there by just copying everything you see. You might even get into legal trouble if you copy everything.

So what you need to do is shift your mindset. Instead of thinking you will be rich the next day, you will need to treat your dropshipping store like a real business.

Put your time and effort into it instead of opening a store in a few hours, importing a few products, and starting advertisements without trying to be unique.

Creating your product descriptions

Let me ask you this question, do you want your product descriptions to be the same as everyone else? Or do you want something unique and something that you can test and edit the way you want so that it fits perfectly with your target audience?

Of course, copying the product descriptions of your supplier will be easy, and it might be the best option if you don’t want to spend any time on your dropshipping store.

One of the problems of using the product descriptions of your suppliers is that they often don’t go beyond the physical features of a product and don’t describe the benefits and results, which is what most customers need to make their decision.

Some descriptions might be extended; some might be short. Another might only contain a sizing guide, while the last one might only contain some featured bullet points.

This could become something negative if someone decides to browse around your store more and see more products. They could lose trust in your dropshipping store and might decide to leave.

Creating your product images

My next tip for you is to create your product images. The reason for this is the same as for the product descriptions. Everyone uses the same pictures!

Let’s do a reverse image search on Google to find stores selling the same product with the same product image. I thought it would be a bit harder since the image is unique, but I was wrong:

If you don’t have unique product images, what sets you apart from those tens or hundreds of other stores selling the same product with the same image(s)?

One thing to note, if you’re beginning, then getting images from your dropshipping supplier is still great. Just make sure that they look good (no logo from your supplier or weird backgrounds).

Keep the whole getting unique product images in mind when you’re trying to get more sales or looking for a way to beat your competition.

Designing a fantastic dropshipping store

This step will be important to win the trust of your visitors! Do you want your store to look like a child-designed it, or do you want it to look like professionals put hours of work into it?

First off is deciding what theme you’re going to use for your store. But keep in mind that you don’t need a paid theme when you’re just beginning with dropshipping. That theme is perfect if you’re on a budget and don’t have much money (yet) to spend on a piece.

Secondly, you will need to think about your design. What colors fit your niche? What colors do you like? And which font(s) are you going to use? After that (or before that), you will need a logo for your store.

Don’t forget about other design stuff, like your Facebook cover photo on your Facebook profile (if you have one).

Also, don’t forget to create all your standard pages like your refund policy, privacy policy, contact page, about page, etc.

Plus, don’t forget to pick a unique name for your dropshipping store to stand out from the crowd. Don’t just name your store almost the same as one of your competitors.

Sell something different

Look, it isn’t bad to sell the same products. I think it’s even pretty rare to find a product that nobody is selling yet. But I added this because many drop shippers use product research tools. This isn’t a bad thing, but most people use it to copy and paste.

I’m sure that these tools got a lot of subscribers. So what do you think happens with these few products that add each day?

Exactly! They get “saturated” so fast.

Keep in mind with “saturated,” I don’t mean the product itself, but the combination of the product + the information that they provide (for example, the Facebook targeting, video ad, description, and so on).

Even though a lot might see people’s products, these tools are still great to get some inspiration for the next product that you want to sell on your dropshipping store! Or inspiration on what kind of people you should target, what Instagram Influencers to use, etc.

But the bottom line is, don’t just copy all the products you see and expect them to be “winning products” for you as well…

Creating your ads

This one flows in well with the one above about not copying everything that those product research tools give you.

Do you know what happens when everyone sells the same product but also uses the same ad images or videos on Facebook or wherever you want to advertise your products?

Do you think your target audience (the people that will see your advertisements) will respond better when they see an ad that they have seen a lot of times before or if they see an ad that they have never seen before and that sparks their interests?

Once again, these things are great for inspiration! Not for just copying it all. Because that’s what most people do, and you don’t want to be like most people.

Look, here is the deal; this information is great if you’re beginning, and you’re not sure what to target on Facebook or what you can put in your video advertisements, but don’t just copy it all!

Plus, if you’re interested in some more inspiration for your Facebook Ads, you can look at these Facebook Ad examples from other dropshipping stores.

Creating a brand to stand out from the crowd

Another great tip after taking good care of your customers is to start creating a brand from the beginning.

Yes, creating a brand is hard and takes time; it’s great to start as early with it as possible!

But branding doesn’t only mean having branded packaging. It could also mean having a memorable name and logo, great content marketing, or a story or cause.

Creating a branded email address for your support emails instead of using Gmail or Outlook is a great start.


So, there you have it! Seven amazing tips for creating a unique dropshipping store

I hope you understand now that you should not open your store in a few hours, but if you still want to do that, please don’t do it with the expectation of being rich the next week.

To create the best dropshipping store your competition and customers have ever seen!

Good luck with your dropshipping journey. I believe in you!


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