4 Reasons Why Your Products Are Not Selling & How to Fix It


You have chosen the products that you love and have positive research results. You are quite confident that your products will become bestsellers. But you can not sell any of them even you have tried for a while. What are the causes? What makes a product sell?

That’s why we have this article today. Let’s find out 4 main reasons why your products are not selling and what you can do to fix it!

4 Reasons why your products are not selling

We understand this is one painful problem for any dropshipper. And it may be among the biggest problems. You cannot make money if your products do not sell. And it will soon make you feel like a failure. But don’t become discouraged. We will help you today by pointing out some reasons why your products are not selling. And based on those causes, we will suggest some solutions that may help you.

1. Wrong Marketing Strategy

It’s very important to find the right product for your store, but it’s even more critical to build a winning marketing strategy. If you are quite confident in your product, but you still struggle to make money with it, you can begin to think of other reasons why your products are not selling. Let’s say you are sure that your products are definitely trending products in the market right now. You can be sure about your research. You can trust your dropshipping agent who already sources the best quality products for you. Everything is fine.

Then the thing is your marketing. Maybe the way you promote your products is not delivering. You don’t optimize your social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, email marketing, and so on.

Another reason why your products are not selling is that you have not reached any of your target audience. If your audience cannot see your ads or do not know your products, they do not know your store, then they cannot buy from you.

So, it’s very necessary to look at all your marketing effort again, to check what has gone wrong. Check your ads if they are performing well. Check your email marketing if there is anything you need to fix or improve. Check your social media posts to see if you can make more interesting content and reach out to more people. Sometimes, it takes you a lot of time to figure out what is the problem.

You can also seek advice from some experts or from experienced ones to find out what are big common causes why your products are not selling. And one more thing you need to do is that you should constantly check your marketing and test your new ideas so that you will know immediately what is not working really well. By doing so, you also will have more ideas to run your ads because one thing will work today but may not work well tomorrow. Keep testing and improving is the key to maintaining your business.

Beside looking at your marketing methods, you also need to build your customer persona. You have to make sure you understand them and know how to reach them before you promote your products.

2. Poor web design

The next reason why your products are not selling is your website design. Even you have great products, great marketing, but your page is poorly designed, then you will also fail. Your online store is the place your customers see and choose your products, buy your products. So make sure that you have created a comfortable place for them to shop with you.

If your page has a slow loading speed or it’s too complicated for visitors to use, they may leave soon. Or your customers may really like your products but when they visit the site, it doesn’t seem like a professional store, then that may be the reason why your products are not selling at all.

There are too many competitors out there. You will have to make sure everything is good enough and competitive. Check if all necessary information is already on your website. Make sure if your product page, main page, policy page, shipping page are easy to navigate. Make sure your background picture and your logo look good and professional. Double-check if the review or FAQ sections are in place. State your shipping and return or refund policies clearly on your page. Make sure your payment gateways are convenient for your customers. And one more thing, you should optimize your store for mobile users as most people now would shop on their mobile devices.

3. Inappropriate pricing

Pricing is another reason why your products are not selling. And it’s not easy at all. You cannot price your products too low or too high. You will want to have big profits and want your products to have a competitive price compared to the market as well. So, choosing the right pricing strategy for your product is among the most important thing.

4. Wrong products

If you have already checked your marketing, your pricing, your web design and you see that all these things are just fine. Then sadly, the reason why your products are not selling may be the product itself. Maybe it’s not the right product for a dropshipping store. It is a good product in general but it’s still not enough to be a winning dropshipping product. So, the solution here is that you should look at your product again to see if it is suitable to sell in dropshipping. And you also consider switching to another niche or product and testing your product until you find one.


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