Top 5 Strong Worldwide Marketing Trends for Your Online Business in 2022


If you are in the eCommerce business long enough, you will see that the market is constantly changing. New marketing trends and business updates evolve every day. And marketers need to be highly active and adaptive to changes. 2021 has seen dramatic growth in eCommerce and many changes in people’s lifestyles especially. There’s no doubt that the online business will continue to transform.

And to help you with your marketing efforts, we would like to update you on the new worldwide marketing trends for your business in 2022 as below. This will help you better prepare for your winning marketing strategy and improve your performance. Let’s explore!

1. There will be an increase in marketing micro-influencers

The time that brands just go for big influencers has ended. Big influencers might have a lot of followers. Their posts may attract many likes and comments. But, not many of their followers have a genuine relationship with them. They can just follow them because they are famous. Furthermore, big influencers will charge much higher prices.

But for micro-influencers, most of their followers subscribe because they like the figure. Because they appreciate the value that these influencers offer them. Their community is smaller, but their followers trust them. They build true relationships with people. You can also find it easier to target the followers as they normally belong to a narrower group. For example, people who follow and like education content will be more likely to buy education courses. That will lead to more conversions when you partner with these influencers.

Micro-influencers only accept to collaborate with the brands that offer the products or services related to their content. They do not easily accept anything that they do not know or care about. Along with the lower prices and better results, using micro-influencers will be one of the new marketing trends in 2022.

2. Virtual reality marketing will grow

ECommerce is growing, and people’s shopping behaviors have changed to online shopping. Unlike traditional shopping, they cannot see the products or touch them in real life. Instead, they have to trust the brand, or read reviews, watch product images and videos, etc.

However, there’s still one technology that can fill the gap. This is Virtual reality. And this is going to be one of the main marketing trends in 2022. Virtual reality will allow people to have real experience just as when they shop in a physical store. Virtual reality will help reduce logistics costs and position the brand among other competitors. Therefore, using virtual marketing to promote your business is a great way to impress, attract and entice your audience.

3. Data era is coming

With the booming of technology, the data we need to proceed with every day is huge. And brands clearly understand the importance of data nowadays, not only in eCommerce but also in other industries as well. Data is the ground on which we can make decisions and draw out an action plan. So now, producing marketing strategies based on data is the next marketing trends in 2022.

Data can tell us who is our audience, what they like, what they usually do, what other competitors are doing with their marking, and so much more. If you want to run a successful business and build your brand, lacking audience insights or business data is the last thing you want.

4. AI will have a bigger influence

EEveryone might already know AI (Artificial Intelligence). But it’s going to have a much bigger impact on our business more than ever before. Technology has developed so fast. Almost anything is supported with AI. Now, the new marketing trends are AI can replace influencers, can change people’s shopping experience, and can play a more important role in marketing strategy.

5. People would prefer personalized marketing content more

Last but not least, the demand for personalization now is becoming higher and higher, which also creates the next marketing trends in 2022. All big brands know that, and they have been trying to promote personalized marketing content more. They know that they can not send the same offer to all people. They cannot apply the same approach and strategy to all people.

People would appreciate much more if they see the thank you card in their packages addressing their names, not just somebody in general. They would like to feel your care as if they are special, they are only one.

Customized content is highly preferred. Customers need to see themselves. They need to feel relatable. They need relevant content. Only that can build relationships between customers and brand and boost more sales.

This personalization content or approach sometimes seems really overwhelming to you. But by using some tools or asking support from your partner, your supplier, your dropshipping agent, you can roll out an effective strategy for this.

For example, you can seek help from your agent to do packing for you with the thank you card inside, with your logo, and so on. You can also hire a professional and highly supportive customer service team to take care of your customers. As personalized content is one of the main marketing trends in 2022, it’s best that you can embrace these trends and grow your business accordingly.


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